Tall Bull Memorial Park Pow Wow 2018

May 19th – May 20th (Saturday & Sunday)

Tall Bull Memorial Park
N Daniels Park Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135

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Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration 2017

Mini Pow Wow, Teach-in and Friendship Dance

Monday, October 9th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm

Central Park Boulder Bandshell (SE Corner of Broadway & Canyon)

Indigenous Peoples Day is part of a national effort to recognize and honor the existence, culture and contributions of the original inhabitants of North America on the day that has for the past 82 years been observed as Columbus Day.

Lakota Elder Lee Plenty Wolf will speak about the oral history history of Boulder, CO that has been handed down by Boulder’s Indigenous residents. He’ll explain the meaning of the four Indigenous Native American dances and the importance of large gatherings in Indigenous culture. Four dances will be performed and Native American Music Awards (NAMA) winners the Plenty Wolf Singers will drum and sing.

The earliest known human inhabitants of Boulder, the Clovis people, left artifacts that date back to approximately 11,000 BCE. Archaeologists believe that they, along with their camels and other animals, congregated at a site along Gregory Creek. Yes, camels roamed around Boulder Valley at that time! In subsequent years, many Paleo-Indian cultures inhabited areas of present-day Colorado including the Anasazi. These ancestral Puebloans are known for their rich culture of architecture: cliff dwellings and pit houses; crafting: basket-making, pendants and bracelets; rock art; agriculture and trade.

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