Impart, preserve and conduct sacred ceremony and ritual in accordance with the Lakota way. White Horse Creek Council facilitates a number of events throughout the year to support this mission. See our events calendar for more information.


Offer opportunities to learn native traditional cultural skills like tanning hides, drum making, beading, dancing storytelling, and learning Lakota, or other Native American languages.


Language is the cornerstone of culture. It is both a reflection of a culture and a also a teacher of culture. In many ways language is the framework through which we see the world.

Cultural Arts

Teaching and fostering traditional cultural arts such as:

  • Beadwork
  • Songs
  • Hide Tanning
  • Moccasins / Leatherwork
  • Bow and arrow


Despite centuries of displacement and assimilation, the stories and legends of the Lakota refuse to die. Throughout history, the Lakota have relied on the oral transmission of stories, histories, lessons and other knowledge to maintain a historical record and sustain their culture and identity. Traditional stories connect the speaker and listener in communal experience and uniting past and present in memory.


Psychological and physical well-being are critical to a thriving Lakota culture. White Horse Creek Council is active in both arenas.


We offer educational programs geared towards permaculture and traditional indigenous skills around identifying, growing and using medicinal plants and foods.


Counseling and support groups for youth and adults in a variety of areas including…¬†Fill in as appropriate.